Motorbike Rental


We are one of the leading motorbike rental company in beautiful island of Phuket. We are located outside Rayaan Guest House which is also our parent company.

We offer Best customer service, Competitive rates in town, Latest collection of well maintained motorbikes like Honda Click 125, Honda Forza 300, Suzuki Fino, Honda PCX 150 etc.

We provide FREE doorstep delivery of rented motorbikes in Phuket if bike is rented for 3 days or more. We supply all our bikes with 2 crash helmets (if required) and can deliver to you at your hotel, resort or villa rental etc. We have a wide range of customers and most of them are repeated customer because of our best customer support and best prices of motorbike rentals in Phuket. All our bikes are well maintained and checked regularly to ensure our clients dont face any problem in renting motorbikes in Phuket.



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Planning your first vacation to Phuket, Patong Area and you have no idea how to get around the city or what places to explore. You search for it on the net and come across articles, threads, and experiences of people writing about what, when, and where they did a specific activity. Browsing around, you are still wondering how people, mostly tourists, move about the city. You search and search and finally find out what you were looking for. A motorbike is the best way to explore the surrounding areas near your hotel. And, now the question in your mind is, ‘How can I get a motorbike at the Patong beach’? And after a few more searches you come across rayaanorientalguesthouse and see they are providing motorbikes for rent in Phuket. You cannot wait to try the bikes they have to offer.