Halal International Restaurant

Rayaan’s Oriental Restaurant 2 opposite Bangla Road Patong Beach Phuket. We offer 24 hours Halal Food with Dine in, take away and free delivery in Patong area.

Our Halal Muslim owned Restaurant serves Seafood, South Indian Food, North Indian Food, Pakistani food, Arabic Food, European Food, Halal Thai food, Italian Food, Fast Food, Arabic Chicken and beef Shawarma, Live Tandoor & BBQ.

We offer daily continental breakfast and special offers for the guests staying in our owned Rayaan’s Oriental Guest House.

We have Events hall for Birthday Parties, Wedding party, business meetings in phuket, corporate lunch and dinner for upto 60 guests. Arrangements for buffet breakfast, buffet lunch and buffet dinner can be arranged as well as individual packings for take away.

Our experienced chefs prepare specialities of freshest seafood Fishes, lobsters, sea bass, groupers, tiger prawns fresh from the tanks and get them prepared freshly in front of guests while enjoying views of Bangla Road nearby.


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We offer daily continental breakfast and special offers for the guests staying in our owned Rayaan Beach Paradise Guest House. Our experienced chefs prepare specialities of freshest seafood caught by local fishermen or produce from our resident farmers.
Guests can select their own live seafood such as Fishes, lobsters, sea bass, groupers, tiger prawns from the mixed-dishes-desi-food-restaurant-patong-phukettanks and get them prepared freshly in front of them while enjoying views of Patong beach and Andaman Sea.

Our experienced and well educated staff alongwith relaxed and elegant setting in unique style makes the Oriental Restaurant the perfect place for a romantic and rememberable dining experience in Phuket Thailand.


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